Living on $1 a day

Episode 1: The First Step

Episode 2: Water from a Pipe?

Episode 3: Hunger and Tortillas

Episode 4: Disaster Strikes

Episode 5: We Need a Job

Episode 6: Extreme Budgeting

Episode 7: (Not) Going to School

Episode 8: Back in the U.S.

Video Blog #4: Friends, Family, & Tamalitos

Small Changes, Big Impact | Living On One Dollar Returns to Peña Blanca

Chino at 12 and at 19

Manuela & Esperanza: The Art of Maya Weaving (English R2)

“Enter into the lives of two accomplished Maya weavers as they accept the challenge of weaving traditional blouses or huipiles in less than 90 days, from the purchase of threads to the last stitch. Manuela Canil Ren of Chichicastenango and Esperanza Pérez of San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Guatemala, expertly share the art of back-strap weaving at its finest and most colorful. They also offer touching insights into their own lives and hearts, as they struggle daily to support their families and keep their culture alive. Produced by Endangered Threads Documentaries, a nonprofit educational organization.” Running time: 29 minutes.

La sabiduría de una abuela maya

Efraín Rios Montt, el general acusado por genocidio que fallece en la impunidad


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